Songs of the Films or Eternal Hit Singles

Survivor — Eye Of The Tiger (Rocky 3)

In 1982 rock band Survivor presented the legendary song “Eye Of The Tiger” on the Sylvester Stallone’s request. This song became a soundtrack to the “Rocky 3” movie and even got an Oscar nomination. Since then, the song has appeared in the sports movies for so many times that now it’s used in the parody of this genre only.

Whitney Houston — I Will Love You (The Bodyguard)

Many people definitely heard this amazing song while watching “The Bodyguard”. Though the rights on it belong to a country singer Dolly Parton who earned $6 million on the royalties.

Coolio feat. L.V. — Gangsta’s Paradise (Dangerous Minds)

The main song of this breathtaking social drama is a hip-hop single Gangsta’s Paradise performed by the Californian rapper Kylio who was also one of the actors. 

Tito & Tarantula — After Dark (From Dusk Till Dawn)

Just turn on the following song and the episodes of an exciting dance of Salma Hayek will start flashing in your mind. A calm rhythm, soft music and pleasant voices of the singers are the right things before the beginning of a real trash. 

Sting — Shape Of My Heart (Leon)

This is a sacral and striking by its nature piece of the same way touching film about the friendship of a killer with a little orphaned girl. Just impossible not to enjoy!