How Female Celebrities Actually Look Like: Filters vs. Reality

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is already 62 years old but she still appears on covers of the most popular magazines.

Everyone has seen “Basic Instinct” and its most controversial scene even though the film was released over 27 years ago.

The actress looks impeccable on magazine covers but the reason behind that is digital retouching. Unfortunately, years take their toll, so she is not as beautiful as she was 30 years ago. Despite that, I think that Sharon still looks amazing for her age even without Photoshop or Instagram filters.

Sharon Stone said in one of her interviews that she is scared of loneliness and growing old and there is nothing she can do about it.

Kim Kardashian

The famous pop diva Kim Kardashian made a name for herself thanks to negative campaigning, impressive body shape, and the photo on which she is balancing a champagne glass on her derriere. However, the reality is different from the Photoshopped pictures. Kim’s body is far from perfect and her butt is not as big as she claims.


You can see how Kim Kardashian really looks like on rare paparazzi photos without Photoshop filters.


Cameron Diaz

Unfortunately, Cameron Diaz is slowly disappearing from the silver screen. She is scared of growing old.


I like the 2000 film “Charlie’s Angels” with her where she played an attractive spy girl.

I have also read her book «The Body Book», where she shared her personal experience and advice on how to start to understand your body.

Some people are ruining their bodies with unhealthy diets and dangerous workouts. The actress will help you to avoid it.


I really recommend you to read this book.

For her age, Cameron Diaz looks great: she is a slim and athletic woman. Of course, she has a few appearance flaws, but nobody is perfect.