Diane Kruger vs. Monica Belluci. Who Won?

One day, I was recommended to watch the 2004 movie “Wicker Park” with Diane Kruger and Josh Hartnett. It turned out that this film is a remake of the 1996 European film “L’appartement”, which starred Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel.

I do not like to spoil the entire movie to you. I can only say that the original movie has a tragic ending. That is how it often happens in real life. The European film was very emotional, deep, and touching. And, of course, extremely sad. Unlike the remake, which had a typical Hollywood happy-ending. It completely destroyed the idea of the original film!

The Hollywood remake mostly repeats the storylines of the original film. However, the story in “Wicker Park” is not as passionate as in the European movie.

I really like Diane Kruger as an actress. I have seen many of her films. Nevertheless, this German actress, with all due respect, cannot compete with Monica Bellucci. I doubt that Diana Kruger can make any man fell in love with her on sight.

In the original film, the protagonist meets a beautiful woman who seems to be the love of his life. At the same time, his fiancée is completely dull and ordinary. It is easy to understand his motivation.

In the American remake, Josh Hartnett’s characters has a very good-looking fiancée. She has nothing similar with Diana Kruger. I think they both look very good. Considering that, the protagonist’s dilemma looks unnatural. He is surrounded with beautiful girls who all could have been great wives.