Cindy Crawford’s Sisters: Are They as Beautiful as She Is?

The 1990s supermodel Cindy Crawford was born in an ordinary family. Her father Dan Crawford was an electrician and her mother Jennifer Sue was a nurse. They had four children: daughters Chris, Danielle, and Cindy, as well as a son Jeff. Unfortunately, the boy died from leukemia when he was 3 years old.

After the loss of his son, Dan Crawford became very strict and demanding with his daughters. They, in turn, did their best to make parents happy. The eldest daughter Chris took up basketball and succeeded in this, becoming the captain of the school team. Daniel devoted herself to music. Cindy proved herself in such sciences as chemistry, physics, and biology. She graduated from high school with perfect grades.

From time to time, Crawford uploads photos with her sisters on social media. Once, they starred together for the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine. Her sisters are very different and do not look like Cindy at all.

Some people think that they have something in common. The Crawford sisters have oval faces and similar smiles. In my opinion, they are very different. If I saw them separately, I would never think that they were sisters. Cindy Crawford is much taller than her sisters are. She also has more refined facial features and a better figure.

Nevertheless, both women look great. Even though they are not as slim and fit as Cindy is, you should not compare them with their popular sister. After all, she is a professional fashion model and a public person.

The Crawford Sisters live in Chicago. The family is very close-knit. They support each other and go on vacation together. Cindy has always said that she loves when her sisters, mother, and grandchildren are nearby. She hopes her own children will be as friendly. The model does her best to teach her son and daughter to support each other in all endeavors.