Why Did Adele Lose Weight?

Singer Adele turned 32 years old in May. She looked very different on her birthday. She has changed so much that even some of her fans could not recognize her.

The singer herself rarely publishes her photos, which is rather strange for such a famous person. However, she posted a photo on Instagram that caused a stir. Since Adele was chubby throughout her career, nobody expected her to lose so much weight.

According to Adele herself, the most important part of her life right now is her 7-year-old son Angelo. She claims that she changed her entire lifestyle to be a healthier mom for him.

Since adopting a more fitness-oriented image, some have taken note of Adele’s changes in her physical appearance. However, for the singer, converting to a healthier lifestyle was more about feeling better and less about losing weight. “She feels great both physically and mentally,” a source said to The People. “She did not want to lose weight in order to look better. She made it to feel healthier. Now, she indeed feels stronger, has more energy and seems to be a lot happier than she used to be.”

“Adele is a new woman with the same great sense of humor,” the insider adds. “The singer loves her friends and feels a great deal of confidence.”

The singer says that divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki fueled her weight loss. Yes, drastic changes in life make us change ourselves. That is how some people cope with stress.

According to Adele, there is nothing special about her diet. The singer quit drinking, embraced better eating habits, and committed to fitness.