Angelina Jolie and Her Ex-Boyfriends Who Still Cannot Forget Her

The incredible beauty of this viciously sensual woman has always attracted men from all over the globe. Even now, after turning 45 years old, Angelina is still very attractive. Her ex-lovers cannot forget her years after breaking up with her.

Mick Jagger

The legendary rock musician could not resist the looks of this dangerously beautiful woman. They met in 1997, when Angelina Jolie starred in his video. The old womanizer, having forgotten about his pregnant wife, was about to hit on Angelina. Nevertheless, that did not happen — Jolie harshly refused him. According to rumors, Mick Jagger was obsessed with Angelina for several years.

Johnny Lee Miller

Angelina Jolie was especially naughty when she was young. Vicious and passionate, she used to make crazy things. One of these things was her marriage with the British actor Johnny Lee Miller, which lasted about a year. She literally signed the marriage contract with blood, though! Unfortunately, the couple could not find a common language. Johnny did not approve Jolie’s addiction to illegal drugs. Years later, after the divorce, Angelina admitted that it was Johnny who helped her to quit the addiction.

Ethan Hawk

On the set of the 2004 movie Taking Lives, Angelina Jolie started a fiery romance with Ethan Hawke. However, it did not end well for the both of them. Ethan Hawke was married to Uma Thurman back them. A year later, they divorced, and the actor left Angelina for the 22-year model Jennifer Perzow.

Billy Bob Thornton

According to Zoomboola, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton has been married for three years. They were are very chaotic couple! At some point of their relationship, they even had done tattoos together and were wearing vials with each other’s blood. On the wedding anniversary, Angelina presented her husband with burial plots in Arkansas. Nevertheless, they feelings have faded and they divorced in 2003.